Tool holding for heavy-duty machining

Metal-removal rates during roughing and heavy-duty machining operations are crucial for the productivity of the machining operation. To improve these rates, German machine tool builder Heller, whose U.S. headquarters are located in Troy, Michigan, focused on the importance of the toolholder. Using special shrink-fit chucks from Haimer USA (Villa Park, Illinois) with drive pins and spiral grooves in the tool shank to secure the cutter/holder interface, the company performs high-feed slotting ranging to 2×D (50 mm) in difficult-to-machine materials.

Especially within the aerospace, energy and mechanical engineering sectors, production managers must bridge the gap between economic efficiency and high process reliability when working with materials that are difficult to machine. Heller, which produces four- and five-axis CNC machining centers, CNC mill-turns, CNC machines for crankshaft and camshaft machining, and flexible manufacturing systems, says it relies on close collaboration with its customers, suppliers and research institutes to meet ongoing demands in manufacturing. Often, the aim is to increase productivity without compromising process reliability.

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