When a growing backlog in the inspection room began to slow production and delay deliveries, Voisard Tool Service Inc. (Russia, OH), a division of Arch Global Precision, found a solution in a new advanced tool measurement system and software from United Grinding (Miamisburg, OH). Tool inspection times were slashed by more than half and the company’s ability to maintain full-speed production by coordinating every facet of the company’s operations was maintained.

Voisard Tool carries an extensive line of standard cutting tools and designs and manufactures custom cutting tools, including solid-carbide drills, step drills, reamers, and end mills. The company produces solid-carbide drills and end mills to fill orders that can range from three to 30,000 pieces for customers in the automotive, heating and cooling, orthopedic and other industries. It also manufactures private label tools and performs regrind services for a few of its larger customers.

For its manufacturing, Voisard runs 25 high-precision tool-grinding machines 24 hours a day to keep up with customer demand for standard, special, or re-sharpened solid-carbide tools. The company employs 40 people and operates out of a 25,000 ft2 (2322-m2) facility just across the street from the two-car garage where the grandfather of the company’s current vice president of operations, Doug Voisard, started the shop. “My dad, Eugene, like his father before him, had a great vision and always made sure we had the latest technology, most of which came from United Grinding. It was this technology that put us in a great position to keep up with our customers’ demands,” Doug Voisard explained.

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