Smart Locking for increased machining productivitiy

Iscar’s tools are designed to help customers adapt to high-speed and high-feed machining, minimum-quantity lubrication (MQL) and other modern machining strategies. Iscar’s new tool families are marketed under the “IQ Startup” banner. It says that these are well-suited for the new generation of machining centres, enabling high feeds and speeds for highly productive machining operations.

The company further maintains that they help to increase productivity through the integration of smart insert locking mechanisms, which create a more stable machining process. It will also be exhibiting upgrades of existing lines, covering both tools and insert geometries, which are intended to cut machine downtime and labour costs.

Among the new products on show will be Onetap, a family of taps that features an optimised cutting geometry for universal use on all types of materials; and the Helido 690 line, which is a family of tools for 90° milling. The H690 features a triangular insert with six helical right-hand cutting edges. The helical design provides very high durability and stable performance.

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