The machine is a twin-pallet Speedio R650X1, built by Brother in Japan, and has transformed the speed and efficiency with which parts are manufactured, according to the subcontractor’s managing director, Gary Rich.

Supplied by Whitehouse Machine Tools, the machine joined three other vertical machining centres and two horizontal machining centres on the shop floor, all 40-taper machines.

Mr Rich said, “As its name implies, the Speedio is billed as a fast machine. It executes 50 m/min rapid movements at the same time as automatic tool change and pallet change, so it is ready to cut the next component immediately it arrives in the machining area.

Mr Rich expected the machine to be faster than the existing machines, but was surprised at how much faster it actually turned out to be on its first job..

“It was a batch of 1,200 aluminium winch components. Each part came off the machine in half the time that it took the second fastest machine on our shop floor, a 40-taper, 14,000 rpm, twin-pallet horizontal machine on which we multi-loaded the parts on a tombstone.”

The large cycle time saving was down to a reduction in idle times due to all machine movements being much faster.

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