The Machining Challenge

No machining company is the same, the work that 5-axis turning centres can produce is incredibly diverse and so while some companies specialise in supporting industries such as oil and gas, automotive and aerospace, a large percentage cover all of the above plus many other manufacturing sectors.

Producing diverse and, often technically challenging parts, machining regularly leads to equally diverse surface finishing challenges.

Is the part going to be subject to intense heat, wear or pressure? Will it be operating under a car, 1,000 metres below sea level or in outer space? Will it be flying through the sky at sound barrier-breaking speed? Will it be operational 24 hours a day or two hours a day? Does it need to last 6 months or 6 years?

Finding the right answers

The diverse nature of machining means the demands placed on any two parts is very rarely the same: From differing manufacturer specifications, to legislative barriers, application environments, part quantities, turnaround times, to cost limitations.
An effective surface finishing partner goes a long way to help overcome these ever-shifting hurdles, allowing machining companies to focus on their core business, safe in the knowledge that they have a partner in place with the technical expertise, service capability, capacity and flexibility to look after their changing surface finishing demands.

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