This new, very large, complete 3D Hybrid machining center will be on display at IMTS in Chicago on Sept. 10-15th in Takumi USA‘s booth #422380. The hybridized machine boasts X,Y, and Z travels of 53”x 37”x 23”or about 26 cubic feet of printing and finish machining volume. With nearly 100 feet per minute travel speed, and 3D-Hybrid’s high deposition rate wire-arc tool, this machine will be one of the fastest 3D hybrid machining centers.

At IMTS, 3D-Hybrid will demonstrate the tool in accordance with the strengths of the Takumi H12, a high speed, high precision machining center with an extremely rigid and thermally stable double-column design. The focus of the demonstrations will be on tooling, die & mold industry, and also the large scale metal additive capability.

3D Hybrid Manufacturing is an industry recognized term for consolidating a 3D printing or additive manufacturing capability with subtractive or CNC machining capability. The paired value of the joined forces brings new capabilities, such as machined internal features and complete processing in one work offset. 3D Printing brings its inherent values such as increased freedom of complexity, lower costs in material and processing time, as well as novel materials. Hybrid manufacturing brings on an additional capability, repair and salvage of large parts. Large metal parts bring large capital costs. The ability to repair and fill in worn out surfaces with material stronger than the original, followed with final machining can save customers from downtime and extreme costs.

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